Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Seeking Some Sun

An idea of where we think we're going.

An idea of where we think we’re going.

A week today we’re supposed to begin making tracks. The camper and car have been serviced, the dogs holiday accommodation is arranged and I’ve found a box I think will hold all our cords and chargers. Once again though we keep thinking of all the things we still need to do and wonder if we really will leave next Wednesday.

Whenever we leave it will be nice to know we’re heading for warmer weather.

The map puts the distance into perspective.

Comments on: "Seeking Some Sun" (4)

  1. Cindy Childs said:

    Lucky you!

  2. D Thorpe said:

    Wow what a relief to leave this rain, weekend 12 degrees and wet…of course cold is nothing like bonny Scotland. Have a wonderful time, Sue and Alex.

    • I’ve checked the temps in Brisbane and am a bit stunned it’s not even 20 deg. during the day, looks like we’ll still need our thick quilt at night for a while. 😦

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