Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Broken Hill

Only a day late we left home at 6:30, fuelled up and headed down the road but an unfamiliar light was on so we pulled into the Harvey Norman carpark to investigate and set off a deafening burglar alarm! Switched off the offending light and quickly left. After an hour we were through the city and lined up along Port Wakefield Road waiting for traffic to clear after 3 accidents within a very short distance. 3 accidents before 8am.

Breakfast was at Burra, a place that really appeals to me and even more so since I read the sign above the pub door, “ A No Pokies Pub – Everyone’s a winner!”

After Burra and a change of driver we headed for the Barrier Highway. Between Olary and Broken Hill we saw over a hundred feral goats in little groups not far from the road, there were also heaps of Emus and then lots of little Wallabies.

We’ve checked into the City Caravan Park and decided to forgo the free afternoon tea in favour of a visit to the Sculpture Park. It’s in a natural scrub setting and the sculptures retain the natural rock shapes with some carving and etching showing. There was a nice walk to the sculptures but we drove because the wind was bitterly cold. Last night the temperature here dropped to 2 deg. and I have a feeling it won’t be any warmer than that tonight. Lucky we brought our warmest quilt.

Although we planned to drive to Bourke along the river road tomorrow part of that’s closed at the moment so we’ll be driving on the main road again. It will be lovely and warm in the car.

Comments on: "Broken Hill" (6)

  1. Hi Sue,

    I’ve no doubt you are so glad to be on the road despite the temperature.


    • I was thinking how clever you were to stop for a while over these cold months but it’s great to be seeing new and interesting places.

      • We are starting to get itchy feet, but still – all in all – we feel we did the right thing. It would have been to cold for us to continue on the path we are wanting to take.

      • Judging by the frequent reports of snow and black ice in central Victoria you made a very wise decision.

  2. rhonda mckenzie said:

    its always a relief to get away and such a panic to get everything done. qld still freezing. middle of next week will be warmer so they say. you might. hit rain on the way or it might be ahead of you. ive resorted to beanies and scarves.

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