Some places we've been and some places we're going.

After a very cosy night we had to face another very cold morning. The lovely warmth from the new heater quickly dissipated and packing up the camper was difficult because the plastic windows are very stiff and reluctant to fold. There are lots of things to see in Broken Hill but we have no time and like so many places we visit we feel we’ll have to come back again and spend more time.

I’ve only ever seen and heard negative things about Wilcannia but I liked it, the town had some lovely old buildings and attractive areas. We had delicious Devonshire Tea in Miss Barrett’s Tearoom which is set up with reading rooms, perfumed candles and memorabilia.

After Wilcannia we headed along the very straight road to Cobar then north to Bourke. I’m astonished at the number of feral goats, they must be eating the grasses that the native animals need. They’re also too canny to become road victims whereas the wallabies and kangaroos don’t seem to have the same instinct to avoid the danger. We were lucky to see an echidna crossing the road not far out of Broken Hill.

Coming into Bourke we saw our first cotton farm.

The Caravan Park we decided to use tonight is 5kms out of Bourke and is lovely. Apparently the owners were wranglers in Rodeos and that influence is obvious throughout the place. Shower blocks are labelled “Cowgirls” & “Cowboys”. Beautiful polished wood is everywhere and adds lovely touches eg behind the hand dryer is a stunning slice of polished wood in its natural shape, the hooks in the shower are made from horseshoes and the tables in the Camp Kitchen are all polished wood.

There is a side wheeler paddleboat that runs trips daily but we didn’t have time for one, maybe next time.

We’re enjoying listening to the radio, a nice new one since I was over energetic with the winding of the one we had and broke the mechanism. The rubber covering was a bit tacky so that lessened my guilt a bit. Buying the new one involved a bit of head scratching because they’ve moved beyond simple AM/FM options and we didn’t know if the features they had would work out in the sticks. No point buying a radio that only works in the cities and big towns.

Now I’m going to have to brave the showers, nice smelling flower bunches, polished wood bat-wing doors can only tempt me so far but I think the clincher is that the water is HOT!

Comments on: "Back of Bourke -July 17th" (6)

  1. rhonda mckenzie said:

    my brother tells me there are thermal springs in moree that are worth checking out.

  2. I did not notice that you have written where the photos have been taken, as I enlarged the photos to full screen.

  3. rhonda mckenzie said:

    the first time we went that way was in summer in freds van that didnt have air con. i wanted him to turn around and go back. the thought of another two days in the heat was overwhelming. the new caravan park sounds amazing. i resorted to thermals today. but i think the worst is over for us. fingers crossed.

    • When we left home I said I WASN’T TAKING THERMALS! We were going to Qld, for goodness sake! When will I ever learn?????

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