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Scarborough – 20th July

We “enjoyed” another run on the unfamiliar roads to deliver the Jeep to the workshop where it’s being up-specced a little bit, picked up the hire car and came back to camp to take a breather.

Had a lovely brunch at the Sea Salt & Vines Cafe which is beside the Caravan Park, Alex only had a BLT but I had a wonderful pile of pancakes with all the trimmings. Yum! Being sustained we went off to find the Info Centre because my online efforts to see if we had incurred a toll fee had been unsuccessful

A Monty Python kind of experience awaited…

We didn’t want to be whacked with a $15 fine for not paying a toll we weren’t certain we owed so decided the Info Centre people were bound to deal with the scenario all the time and would have a simple solution. The ladies there were lovely, I suspect all volunteer retirees, and tried hard to help us. They phoned the toll payment place and then gave me the phone, it was an automated service, everything was fine until it came to giving the rego number. I said, S??? ANC. The Payment Cyborg repeated it but without the C then asked if it was right. I said No, so then the cyborg asked me to repeat it which I did, it decided I must have said F not S. Again I said No, it asked me to repeat it and I did then it decided it must be S after all so the cyborg repeated it with the S but again left off the C and asked if that was correct. I gave up, the lady tried and eventually gave up. She gave us a couple of Service Stations which might be able to accept payment. The one we chose couldn’t, it was the wrong Toll company. The gorgeous young man in the servo used his mobile to find 2 different payment  places and both used real people! The first had no record of our rego but the second did and was happy to take our money by credit card, $9.50 over the phone or $6.50 online. We paid and hopefully now that we’ve given her strict instructions the GPS cyborg will avoid all toll roads in future!

We went for a couple of nice walks along the seafront and have found a place that sells stunning looking fish. We’ve menus planned for at least 2 days.

Forgot to say, the sun was out today and we discarded our jackets,YEAH!