Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Although it rained on and off all night we had no problems with leaks which was a relief. After a little bit of tweaking today all poles are standing militarily upright in perfect formation, the canvas is taut and all’s right with the world! The sun has even been shining most of the day.

Tomorrow we plan to go into the city for the day using public transport so we went back to see our enthusiastic volunteers in the Information Office to ask about getting tickets. They were a bit like seagulls around chip eaters, each one flying in for a bit of the action. It became very confusing but after a visit to another Info Booth and 2 different Service Stations we both now have “Go Cards” and should be right for our jaunt tomorrow.

I had to investigate “Humpybong Park” simply because of the name and after that we went into the Redcliffe Museum where we both handled the old table which was used when the draft Australian Constitution was written. The Redcliffe Anzac Park also had some impressive memorials.

We had a couple of nice walks around the Marina area and even ventured out on a spit which had only become visible when the tide went out.

It’s so nice to be warm and completely dry.


We got new neighbours yesterday, the lady has a very strident voice, just now the overheard conversation is all about the benefits of Aldi’s 3 ply toilet paper apparently it’s beauuuuutiful! (They’re having dinner in their van with a couple of other campers.) Ok, time to tune out they’ve moved onto colonoscopies!

Comments on: "Scarborough – July 21st" (5)

  1. You’re playing in my back yard 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful time.


  2. rhonda mckenzie said:

    i wonder how long the bus took to get into brisbane. I hope you went on one of the ferries. I love exploring the river in Brisbane. finally we are a having sunny windless day… maybe a little bit of wind.

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