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Archive for July 23, 2015

Scarborough – Day 5

Heavy rain again last night but a nice sunny day and tomorrow is going to be warmer so we’re finally feeling we’ve moved to a warmer climate.

We planned a quiet day doing laundry and organizing things which we did manage but also had a few nice walks. (Apparently 17875 steps, guess who’s counting?) A beach raker was on the go early, we could hear it beeping each time it reversed and it was interesting to watch once we were up and fed.

The marina also provides entertainment. We watched a prawn trawler come in and I hoped to see the catch unloaded but the skipper was very diligent in doing maintenance and we ran out of patience waiting.

In the afternoon we enjoyed watching the dredger at work then came back to camp before going out on a Pizza search. We sat and ate our pizza by Moreton Bay watching the lights of little boats as they came in for the night. It was a nice relaxing day. Tomorrow morning we’ll pick up the Jeep and maybe check out the wetlands at Lake Eden.