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Archive for July 27, 2015

Scarborough – Day 9

Our appointment with the tyre place was at 8:00 and we had to go with the commuter traffic to Strathpine so for me, an owl, it was an early start, not for the “fowl” it was business as usual. We managed to get to the place 15 mins early only to discover the supplier hadn’t delivered the tyres as promised. We went over to the Strathpine Shopping Centre and browsed for a few hours then went back to find out what was happening with the tyre delivery. At the nearby RSPCA we bought a couple of books then went back to the Shopping Centre where we sat on some comfy padded couches and read.

At 12:45 we went back again to the tyre place intending to get tyres in Townsville if nothing had happened. Our car was up on jacks with no wheels, luckily it wasn’t long before it had new tyres and we were out of there. The people were very nice and apologetic but it was still a frustrating experience.

We needed a walk in a nice environment so went to Humpybong Creek and walked along the section which has been beautified. Prior to the beautification it looked just the same as the Sturt Drain does now in Adelaide. Maybe one day that will look just as lovely and attract as much birdlife.

I’m glad we stayed here at Moreton Bay, we’ve enjoyed the lovely little beachside places but our car business is all finished here now. Tomorrow we head off to Bundaberg where we’ll be appreciating home comforts for a couple of days, compliments of a past colleague, my friend and sparring partner.