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Moore Park near Bundaberg – Day 10

Waking up early isn’t as difficult when the sun comes up early so this morning I was wide awake at 6:00. Although we’d planned to have the annexe packed away yesterday that didn’t happen so after we’d packed everything into the car we dealt with the annexe then rewarded me for my efforts with pancakes at Sea, Salt & Vine.

We bought a lovely big Gold Banded Schnapper from Morgans then started off on our journey to Bundaberg.

I didn’t think the car was pulling as well as usual but thought it would prove itself once we were out of town but then it became jerky and we decided to pull over. Luckily we were able to pull into Bunnings carpark and as soon as Alex got out he saw puffs of smoke coming from one of the camper’s wheels. I looked and thought I saw a spark then saw a small flame. Alex grabbed the fire extinguisher and we put out the flames, I was nervous there might be more hidden but we were lucky.

Alex discovered that the brake was locked on. While he was in Bunnings buying a second pair of multigrips to work on the brake he also bought a replacement fire extinguisher. Using the two pairs of multigrips he was able to loosen the brake lock. I did a test lap of the carpark and everything seemed fine. A fellow Jeep owner who was parked nearby told us about the local caravan repairer he uses and as it was on our way we thought we’d go there but as soon as I started driving again I could tell the camper was running freely. After about 10 kms we stopped and Alex checked the wheels which were fine. We continued on to Bundaberg without incident… apart from having to follow a police car with all its lights flashing at 25 kph for several kilometres like GP drivers behind the pace car. We presume it was because something was happening at roadworks up ahead but we don’t know.

Tonight we’ve had delicious baked fish for dinner. It’s nice chatting face to face with a friend and to be sitting at a table in comfort writing the blog.