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Archive for July 29, 2015

Moore Park – Day 11

We woke with the sunrise again today but were able to relax and enjoy being in a house with all its comforts. The day promised to be warm and it was but the wind still chilled. I had my haircut, we had coffees etc then went for a walk beside the lagoon. The palms are magnificent but there were no signs of wildlife. By contrast down at the Duck Pond there were THOUSANDS of Plumed Whistling Ducks as well as some Ibis, Egrets and Black Ducks. I’ve never seen so many ducks clustered together just socialising… until they decided I was a threat and took off into the water. We also searched for a geocache, I was assured it was too cold for snakes which was just as well because the grass was thick and tall. I didn’t have my GPS so I used the phone. I consider it lucky I found the cache because I don’t understand how to follow a trail using the phone. Later we walked down to the beach.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving the comforts and companionship we’ve enjoyed in Moore Park and heading towards Yeppoon.