Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Astonishingly I was up before Alex this morning and went down to the beach to see the sunrise but also to watch the kangaroos. I don’t know what they eat but whatever it is they find it by scratching up the sand. There were also Bush Turkeys scrabbling about the campground, there is no rubbish about for them to access.

We went into Seaforth market hoping to find some nice baked goods and Mango Smoothies but Slushies seem to be the thing of the moment and the only baked goods were not for us. There were some great stalls though, woodwork, scrap metal art, rustic chairs, astonishing crochet goods as well as the usual jewellery, T shirts etc. When we walked back to the car we were met by a couple of young hippies who wanted to know where I bought my bag. The joints they were smoking probably made it look as if the little birds were soaring out of the bag! They well on their way down the giggle gangplank.

On our way back from Seaforth we stopped at a tearoom utilizing an old railway station, very like the one at Strathpeffer but they were so busy we didn’t stay. Instead we spent about an hour walking along a Mangrove Trail which actually went through at least 3 different environments. The butterflies were astonishing. Once before we went into a “Butterfly Gorge” and I don’t think we saw a single butterfly but on the Mangrove Trail they were there in their hundreds.

After lunch we walked up to the lookouts above the campsite, there were interesting caves along the way and fantastic views from the lookouts. There were a few butterflies, a Bush Turkey that refused to cooperate for the photographer and other things we only heard scrambling about in the undergrowth. After we came down from the lookouts we walked across the tidal causeway to Wedge Island. The rocks are almost all black volcanic. As we walked back the tide was still receding so we had no need to try and hurry across the rough rocks.

In the Camp Kitchen we were talking with a couple who have just arrived for a 7 week stay, it’s a lovely environment but I can’t imagine being here all that time. Tomorrow we’re going to Townsville where we’ll get the Jeep’s new shockers etc checked to see that nothing has worked loose. We’re not sure how much further north we’ll go but I’m certainly not ready to leave this nice warm weather yet.


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  1. Beautiful photo’s!

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