Some places we've been and some places we're going.

The GPS cyborg was not happy with us ignoring her this morning but we could see the bridge and she couldn’t! We made it to the car place on time and they quickly checked the bolts, it didn’t cost us a cent and the receptionist was very helpful in directing us to “Stockies”. There are no Westfields here, only Stocklands Shopping Centres and if the one we saw was typical then Westfields could learn a lot. There is so much room to walk around, tons of space in the food court and the restrooms were immaculate with a wall of hand towel dispensers, dryers and rubbish bins.

I finally found some ¾ pants and a couple of light weight shirts, they will be far more comfortable but for some reason the shops seemed to have mostly thicker & longer things. Do they think it’s too cold now or something??? I was hot today!

We roamed around Townsville, organized our visit to Magnetic Island tomorrow then came back to base & did some housekeeping. The warm quilt has now been packed away, I hope we don’t have to dig it out again.

Comments on: "Townsville – 4th of August" (2)

  1. kit Deland said:

    Townsville was like a big country town when we were there when Karen was three.
    The kangaroos in the photo look different around the face.
    I guess Magnetic Island will be a lot different. I still remember how clear the sea was and the sand was so white.

    • The kangaroos or wallabies had a distinct white line running down their flank, I hadn’t seen them before. Some were independent but tiny, not sure if they were all the same species. I didn’t go and check them out tonight. We were back a bit later.

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