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Archive for August 8, 2015

Mission Beach – Saturday

When we drove here on Thursday we passed a sign to a big wetlands and I was disappointed we didn’t stop but when you’re on your way to a new campsite the tendency is to get there and set up as soon as possible. I was sure the wetlands were at Tully so this morning we drove back down the Bruce Highway looking for them without any luck. Apparently they’re at Ingham! We went into Tully town centre and I’m glad we did. There was an excellent “diorama” showing how cane was transported years ago and that display was in front of the Sugar Mill where you could see the long train of cage wagons disappearing into the plant. The chimneys were continually puffing out clouds of steam and scenting the town.

Across the road was the “Big Gumboot”. Tully has the highest recorded rainfall of any Australia town but rather than bemoan the fact they celebrate it. The rain brings prosperity through the crops that can be grown, wonderful natural features like waterfalls, lush rainforest, abundant wildlife and the visitors they all bring.

Tables were set up along the main street and people were selling a range of products from fresh fruit and vegetables to crocheted rugs, hand towels etc. It was a market really but not in a concentrated spot.

We bought “prize winning pies” for lunch then drove back to Mission Beach and went for a walk through a corridor of rainforest which runs between the road and the beach. The walk was from Mission Beach to the jetty at Bingle Bay. By the time we reached there we were ready for an icecream but there was only the jetty there, no town at all. We retraced our steps and rewarded ourselves with Mango Smoothies, probably the last ones we’ll have for a long,long time.