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Ravenshoe – Sunday 9th

Today was our slowest packup ever, partly because we were waiting for the dew to dry out on the canvas but even more so was the chatty neighbour. He even picked up a leaflet for us at the Info Bureau and gave it to us just before we pulled out. It was just past the obligatory checkout time but that didn’t matter because there were lots of people extricating themselves from the confined spaces.

We drove on a few back roads including the Cane Cutters’ Way, there was Sugarcane in all directions. There was also one area where we were surrounded by Banana Palms. Some sections were very steep and engine breaking was reassuring. Millaa Millaa was really the only town we went through on the way to Ravenshoe.

We’re surrounded by train paraphernalia. The campsite is run by the Ravenshoe Railway Company comprised of local people who were determined not to see the railway die after it was cut off from the Cairns line. They have had to learn all the rules and regulations of Queensland Rail for running a railway. They’re hoping that in a month they will be able to run the train. One block of toilets is in the old station waiting rooms. We have to cross the line at designated crossings but fortunately we won’t have to worry about trains as we head off to the waiting rooms in the middle of the night!

Tonight we joined other travellers around the fire pit with the conversation invariably turning to the cold weather. Information about different camping spots was also shared.

We’ve swapped the blankets for the warm quilt again.