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Emerald – Thursday

After a night of “luxury” staying in a Motel we set out for another long day, about 500 kms. We stopped at Belyando Crossing for breakfast – Alex says I’m getting the hang of Roadhouse eating, I had 2 fried Dimsims & an iced coffee! There was a confusion of caravans there and I was a bit disappointed to see we were about the last ones to leave which usually means a slow journey stuck behind one after the other but it wasn’t too bad.

Coming into Claremont we saw fascinating spoil heaps, you could see all the different colours of the subsoil. We later found out it was from an open cut coal mine, one of the largest in Australia. The road to Capella skirted the town so we didn’t go into Claremont. We stopped to eat at Capella because we felt we had a little connection, the steam engine at Ravenshoe came from there. The vehicles which weren’t pulling caravans all seemed to be painted in Mine Company colours and the Training Centre was advertising courses in Dragline operation, Mine Safety etc.

It was obvious we were back in cotton growing country because bits of cotton bolls lined the road. In one paddock where we think cotton had been harvested a flock of Brolgas were feeding.

We arrived in Emerald about 2 o’clock and were lucky to get a great position in the Caravan Park, there are palms at the back of us, a Camp Kitchen beside us and a lovely large site. Because we’re heading for a National Park tomorrow we went shopping for supplies and fuelled up. Later we walked through the Golf Course which is at the back of the Park and along some parkland. Coming back there were a few Wallabies feeding on the nice green grass. We had dinner at the Golf Club, I needn’t have worried about what I’d wear!

I’m not sure if we’ll have Internet access when we go to Canarvon National Park tomorrow so we might be offline for a couple of days. We’re expecting to be in Roma on Sunday.

Where we've been so far this time.

Queensland -where we are now…

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  1. I am a birder,so I really appreciate the Lorikeets and Brolgas!

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