Some places we've been and some places we're going.

I can hardly move! Last night we listened to an employee of the Resort as she talked about the various walks in the gorge. One of them was an all day effort 22kms return which we knew wasn’t a good idea for us. The most sensible idea seemed to be to do an alternative 14 kms return – I don’t know how much of that was UP STEPS but it was TOO much!

Wisely Alex thought we should go to the farthest attraction then walk back calling into the others. We walked the 7 kms to the Art Gallery which had the largest display of ancient Aboriginal Art that I’ve ever seen.

Returning from the Art Gallery when we crossed the creek there was a lovely secluded little beach where we decided to stop and eat our lunch. It was truly a magic spot, if the weather had been hotter I would definitely have been unable to resist a swim in the perfectly clear pool.

The next point of call was the Amphitheatre which involved lots of climbing, the last section up ships’ ladders. Photos don’t do justice to the amazing place, it was awe inspiring. Coming back down meant walking backwards down the ladders, nerve wracking stuff.

The Moss Garden was next, more climbing UP my legs were protesting but I persisted and was rewarded eventually with a superb view through the Moss Garden, over a pool and out to the massive gorge walls beyond.

I stupidly imagined that after the Moss Garden we were nearly back but I’d forgotten just how far we’d walked before we came to the start of the attractions. I was just about staggering by the time we got back to the car. Alex’s FitBit says we did 29,000 steps, 21.44 kms and that involved 95 flights of stairs!! I’m shattered and wish there was a nice spa to loll in instead a shower with water saver showerheads and unpredictable temperature control.

A Mango and Macadamia Icecream followed by a lovely dinner of steak and salad has capped the day.

Comments on: "Carnarvon Gorge – Saturday" (7)

  1. How lucky to see a platypus – they’re normally very shy!

    • I was thrilled to see the two platypuses, I’ve only even seen a couple before and they were at Warrawong Sanctuary.The two at Canarvon seemed very relaxed, seeking out food in the waterweed, swimming along on the top and diving down. I was disappointed in the photos I took because you can’t see the colours but it was early morning so the light wasn’t strong. I won’t forget the experience.

  2. What a beautiful place!It seems to be worthwhile having sore muscles from this walk.

    • It was a wonderful place and there were lots more walks we could have done if we’d had more time. It was also great seeing the wildlife.

  3. Loved the Carnarvon gorge when I was there in 2012, I know that 22k trail you mention well, it kept going on and on and on! Great effort guys

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