Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Roma – Sunday

Part 1 -Injune

There were a lot of very stiff and sore people about this morning so it seems the unfit get caught out often. We’re fine but maybe in 48 hours the stiffness will set in. Maybe.

It’s a lovely sunny day, I’m sitting at the Info Centre in Injune and Alex is down the road guarding the Bush Mechanic’s ute. I don’t use that term disparagingly, he really is a mechanic who works out bush at a mine site but when his mum (the cook at the Roadhouse) heard that we were looking for a mechanic she contacted him and he came in to help us, even though it’s Sunday and he was on his way back to work. (The reason we need help is that  a very nasty clunking noise was coming from the camper wheel when I reversed into a parking spot.) He’s searched through his supplies but can’t find a bolt we need so he’s gone to a friend’s place to see if he can get one. We’ve lost the bush from the brake mechanism, the very bush the Caravan service guy took so long to get in Adelaide. The disappointing thing about this scenario is that the things he’s “fixed” have all had follow-up issues so we’ll be finding a different caravan service place. The good thing is the Bush Mechanic says it’s the best made camper-trailer he’s ever seen!

Injune is a nice little place, there are laser cut sculptures of local people lining the street with their stories told on a nearby plaque. I’ve enjoyed reading their stories. Cowboy hats and mining vehicles are abundant here.

Part 2 – Roma

BJ, our Bush Mechanic, was very disappointed he couldn’t get the necessary bits to fix the camper but he got us on the road again using cable ties and a bit of wire. The only time he showed any frustration was when the last split pin broke hence the bit of wire. We’re now in Roma, BJ gave us the name of someone who should be able to fix it. Because we want to get to the place early we decided to take a cabin at the Caravan Park. There was a Country and Western singer performing in The Bull Ring but he’s already left and it’s not even 6:30.

The Cook can relax a bit tonight, he has plenty of light and space as well, I’m sure, there will be a few cooking programmes on the TV to get him inspired!

Oh my goodness, he’s using what he calls “a tool of the devil” ie the microwave!


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