Some places we've been and some places we're going.

After a poor night’s sleep caused by the Air Conditioner in the van behind us kicking in and off all through the night I was ready to move on. We were on the road before 9:00 and it was a very uneventful drive. We saw a few feral goats, a couple of Eagles, maybe a Bustard, some Brolgas and lots of Emus. Our brunch stop was Cunnumulla but it was very disappointing after our Mitchell experience. There was however a very big statue of “The Cunnamulla Fellah” which I found far more impressive than the song which inspired his creation. His face really makes you think he’s someone you could run into around here.

The road from Cunnunmulla to Bourke had very long straight stretches, after a while we started to measure the distance between bends but the longest ones were behind us and we only measured a 7 km straight. There were quite big areas with purple, yellow and white wildflowers.

We booked into Kidman’s Camp again and have the same site as we had when we were on our journey up. This will be a two night stop.

Comments on: "Back to Back of Bourke – Tuesday" (2)

  1. rhonda mckenzie said:

    Sometime in December each year we hear, before we see, the red tailed black cockatoos call. Sometimes its late November. Some years closer to xmas. Now I wait for it but usually it still catches me by surprise. i love having them here across in the park. Then at the end of January, sometimes February they are gone.

    • I looked for them again today but they weren’t back at the river and the little birds weren’t at the waterhole either. Guess I was just lucky.

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