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Dual Purpose Wheels Chocks

We need to keep the weight of the camper down so it’s great when we discover more than one use for something. We didn’t like the way the doors of the storage compartments touched the ground when open because they’re bound to get damaged but we’ve now discovered the wheel chocks are a perfect solution.


Tripping Home

Last night was COLD, we’ll need to be better prepared if we go away in the winter again. There was frost on the ground this morning when Alex ventured out , I stayed tucked up in bed for as long as possible.

We walked down to the Artback Australia Gallery and Cafe for breakfast while the sun dried the moisture on the camper canvas because it will be packed up for a while after today. As I sat drinking my delicious fresh orange juice and eating my pancakes with berries and yoghurt I thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”.  Across from me Alex sat drinking his flat white coffee and eating his 3 fried eggs, deliciously cured local bacon and sour dough toast thinking, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Just superb!

Packing up the Mitchell is much easier than our old camper where we certainly needed strong arms to lift up the hardfloor and flip it over. We’ve also appreciated the extra floor space where we were able to set up a table and chairs comfortably. It didn’t take long to pack up and then we were off.

Cullulleraine wasn’t a stop on the way back, we decided to keep going until Renmark where I wanted to make a stop at a roadside stall to buy some dried apricots. We’ve bought them there before and they were great and this time we also bought a couple of bags of Mandarins. The man had grafted the variety himself and he did an excellent job, they are sweet, easy to peel and have no seeds. Unlike the supermarket fruit they were all different sizes.

After Renmark we went through Berri where I worked for 3 years and then across the “new bridge” ie the one that wasn’t there in 1970, and across to Loxton. From there we went to Murray Bridge via Karoonda, mostly on a nice quiet road. From Murray Bridge we were on the freeway and it was far too stressful for me so next time we’ll try not to come home through the hills.

Now we’re safely home, the camper can go in for its check-over and we can plan for next time.

This gives you an idea of why we don’t have a bigger camper/caravan. If you click on an image it should take you to a Slideshow.

I forgot to mention that we stopped at the local IGA and as Alex walked out with the 4kg strap of Rib Eye draped over his arm the genial manager asked dryly, “Planning a steak sandwich maaate?” That sent us on our way with a smile.

Tripping to Wentworth

It was another cold morning, 3 deg it said on the radio. Brrrr. I remembered a hint from way, way back that it’s better to put a blanket inside your sleeping bag rather than on top so last night we put the quilt on top of the blanket and we were toasty. I wasn’t in any hurry to get up.

We packed up and set off thinking we’d get breakfast somewhere on the way to Mildura. We had to stop at Paringa for the opening bridge while a houseboat passed through. The bridge was opened in 1927, I’m surprised it hasn’t been replaced.

I decided we’d stop at Lake Cullullaraine just because I liked the name and it was the highlight of the day. I’m sure the lake is beautiful and the place would be buzzing in warmer months but we only saw the inside of the General Store. The food was mediocre but I’ll let the photos explain the place.

We passed the road to Wentworth and headed into Mildura. I expected a Caravan Park to be in a peaceful spot beside the river but the two we found were on a very busy road not far from the centre of town. We didn’t even stop just went round a couple of roundabouts and found the road to Wentworth.

We’ve stayed here before and really liked it. We walked around the town and along the river then relaxed in the SUN! Tomorrow before we leave Wentworth we’ll go back to Foodland to buy a whole Scotch Fillet (Rib Eye) for $14 a kilo but we won’t bother with a whole leg of “Two Tooth”.

The AC is working like a charm, the hot water service was great for washing the dishes and the cooker works fine and now has a lovely burnished wind shield. We’ve worked out the things that need to be attended to at the 1000 kms service when we get back so tomorrow we go home.

Saturday Night Jukebox is on the radio, it’s time to just chill. I want to spend more time relaxing by a nice river.

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