Some places we've been and some places we're going.

The brand new camper has been sitting unused at home now for almost 2 months due to our issues with the Jeep and the horrible weather but it’s now comfortably sitting on a plot at the Riverside Caravan Park, Blanchetown. Thankfully we had a trouble free trip up the freeway then through the hills to Hahndorf, Balhannah, Mt Torrens until we stopped at Angaston for some warm sustenance. I did have my heart set on some nice warm soup with a sour dough roll but the offering of the day was Cream of Broccoli and that had me looking at the menu for a second time. I decided to go with Alex’s choice, an “Ango Pie” and it was brilliant! I’ve never before had a pie with beef, bacon, leek, cheese, mushrooms and red wine gravy.

Our next stop was near the Fruit Fly quarantine bin where we ate our bananas and apples then travelled on to Blanchetown. It’s not a big place but does have a pub, Post Office/General Store and quite a large Council Office/Medicare/Centrelink/Rural Transaction Centre/Library/Internet access hub. We went for a walk to Lock 1 but we couldn’t walk across it and there was a lot of work going on all around it so after reading the various informative noticeboards ( 13.5 tons of carp taken from the water last year) we went back to the caravan park to see if the Vanilla and Caramel Slices we bought in Angaston were as good as the pies. They were.

After eating those, of course, we needed another walk so headed off along the river in the opposite direction. We upset a lot of nesting Cockies along the way.

I enjoyed checking out the names on the various “shacks” and also comparing the styles, sizes and states of them.

Now we’re off to the Pub for tea …unless only Broccoli Soup is on the menu, if so we’ll come back for some Cup a Soup.

Comments on: "Just a Trip Not a Trek 2016" (3)

  1. Gorgeous pics and sceneries.

  2. glad you have finally got away. sounds good.

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