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Tripping to Wentworth

It was another cold morning, 3 deg it said on the radio. Brrrr. I remembered a hint from way, way back that it’s better to put a blanket inside your sleeping bag rather than on top so last night we put the quilt on top of the blanket and we were toasty. I wasn’t in any hurry to get up.

We packed up and set off thinking we’d get breakfast somewhere on the way to Mildura. We had to stop at Paringa for the opening bridge while a houseboat passed through. The bridge was opened in 1927, I’m surprised it hasn’t been replaced.

I decided we’d stop at Lake Cullullaraine just because I liked the name and it was the highlight of the day. I’m sure the lake is beautiful and the place would be buzzing in warmer months but we only saw the inside of the General Store. The food was mediocre but I’ll let the photos explain the place.

We passed the road to Wentworth and headed into Mildura. I expected a Caravan Park to be in a peaceful spot beside the river but the two we found were on a very busy road not far from the centre of town. We didn’t even stop just went round a couple of roundabouts and found the road to Wentworth.

We’ve stayed here before and really liked it. We walked around the town and along the river then relaxed in the SUN! Tomorrow before we leave Wentworth we’ll go back to Foodland to buy a whole Scotch Fillet (Rib Eye) for $14 a kilo but we won’t bother with a whole leg of “Two Tooth”.

The AC is working like a charm, the hot water service was great for washing the dishes and the cooker works fine and now has a lovely burnished wind shield. We’ve worked out the things that need to be attended to at the 1000 kms service when we get back so tomorrow we go home.

Saturday Night Jukebox is on the radio, it’s time to just chill. I want to spend more time relaxing by a nice river.

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  1. If it drops below zero, and the quilt and blanket aren’t cutting it, I’d recommend a rubber backed picnic rug. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating to say it saved us from certain death in Terry transit when we were stuck in France with a leaky LPG heater.

    • Next time we’ll take the TOG 4 quilt and have a woollen underlay. There was frost on the ground this morning! I’m glad you survived your experiences!!!!

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