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Dubai – Day 2



Last night we had a lovely meal at the Fish Market Restaurant, they give you a basket and you put your raw food into it then they take it away, weigh it and work out the cost then prepare it in the way you choose. The waitress deshelled our prawns using a fork and spoon. The prawns were gigantic, tougher than the ones we usually get and had a taste not unlike Moreton Bay Bug

Today we’ve spent travelling the city in a Big Red Bus, it’s always a great way to see an unfamiliar city.

Our favourite parts are still the older areas rather than those covered in skycrapers no matter how fancy their designs.

We finished our Big Red Bus tour with a jaunt on a dhow down the Dubai Creek.


If you click on a photo it SHOULD take you to a slideshow where you can see the images full size.


Comments on: "Dubai – Day 2" (3)

  1. You are looking good Sue. Huge aquarium. Interesting way of getting around the shopping centre; can you imagine that at Marion? Alex’s moustache is very serious! I wouldn’t be able to choose a living creature for dinner either! 😀

    • I’m not sure how you qualify for the special cart to take you around the shopping centre or airport, it doesn’t seem to be incapacity, I suspect in some cases it’s simply money. We didn’t go into the aquarium, thought we could see enough without paying to go inside and it seemed most people agreed with us.

  2. I wish they had a cart you could get in and out of in some of our shopping centres.

    The prawns are huge, they look at least dead. It would be hard to have a flapping fish in a net to take up for eating. I have trouble putting yabbies in boiling water although I think you put them in ice to hibernate sort of .

    Can’t wait to see if he is going to twirl the ends of the moustache.

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