Some places we've been and some places we're going.

First off I’m going to vent, you don’t have to read. 🙂

I’ve become very familiar with a new disease, FDD. It can cause people to continue conversations despite being confined in an Airport Departure Lounge so all and sundry know, amongst other things, “Dad is knackered”. Even when lines are breaking up the person is unable to switch off and continues to repeat the same phrase at increasingly loud volume.

The disease can also cause serious disruptions to sleep. Instead of gently rousing to the morning’s rays or the dulcet tones of James Galway on his flute they can be shattered awake by what appears to be a demand to Salsa. A complication of the disease is caused when the caller and called are in vastly different time zones. Exposure to someone suffering from FDD can cause serious irritations. Consecutive days of exposure make this inevitable.

Inability to recognize their illness make those with FDD unable to respond to anything less than extreme treatment measures. It is hoped that researchers are working overtime on a vaccine to prevent more suffering caused by Fone Disconnection Disorder.

Now for the day. Although we only travelled 170 miles or about 270 kms it took us all day! We picked up our hire car about 9:00 and headed out towards Erskine. The car is fitted with a GPS but it soon became obvious it’s set to ensure you don’t miss a single “point of interest” so was giving non-stop intsructions. We ignored the cyborg and found our own way but it took us all day because of road “scenarios”. Each scenario meant only one direction of traffic could move at any one time. Sometimes we had to wait for a “pace car” to lead the other traffic through then do a 3 point turn before leading us past the obstruction. Scenarios included stoppages because of road resurfacing, tree cutting, massive accident between two trucks, oversized vehicles and finally a rock face being covered with wire mesh!

The scenery was great – water falls, moss covered stone walls, castles, cottages, lochs, glens, snow dusted hills, wild Daffodils and Jonquils.

Click on an image if you want to see the captions in a slideshow.


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