Some places we've been and some places we're going.


After a very warm night – no need to freeze in Scotland when there is central heating – we went into Dingwall to find a mobile phone. Our waitress last night told us Tescos was a good bet and she was right, there was a special little area just for mobile phones and the girl was very helpful. After choosing a phone we headed for Becks Bakery for breakfast then sat and tried to set up the phone. No luck so back to Tescos where the girl managed to get the Sim card in. I still haven’t managed to make a phone call so we might be heading back to see her again.

In the afternoon we went to Simpsons Garden Centre where you can buy pancakes, a dog kennel, sculpture of a Highland Cow, tropical fish, place mats or even plants.


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  1. You saw a Heeland Cuu you hadn’t made! I hope you got your Tesco phone to work OK. I vaccilate about buying a smartphone and now it appears you just go O.S. to make it a neccessity. Problem solved. I guess they all come from the same factory. Have a great time. Love the wee glass panels on the window. Alex is carrying great facial hair. 🙂

    • There are a couple of highland cows not far from here but not in a spot you can stop and take photos. Choosing a phone and service provider is very, very confusing but we had an extremely helpful sales person at Tescos. Getting everything to work is no simple matter even for someone using a familiar phone and with global roaming activated before leaving home.

  2. I have looked it up. Have you been to look at the rock and spindle, and is it near the famous golf course. there are lots of wedding places advertized around there.

    • Haven’t seen any signs to a rock and spindle but we haven’t been touring about really. Today we stopped for some lunch beside a little backwater on our way back from Inverness.

  3. I love the turnip eating sheep. I remember driving past a farm near here where the cows were eating piles of oranges. all sounds fun.

    • I saw a funny one today, a flock of sheep all eating turnips except one sheep looking longingly across the road to the turnips in a field there. Not greener grass on the other side but apparently tastier turnips.

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