Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We were too busy/tired for blogging the last couple of nights. Yesterday was a 12 hour wedding day and it was great to catch up with family. Today is more relaxing and tonight we’re planning to dine in an the Hotel restaurant.

As you undoubtedly already know, you can click on an image to read the captions and see the slideshow.

Comments on: "Easter Kinkell – April 3rd" (4)

  1. Even got heather in his lapel. Well done Alex.

    • The heather came out of Lena’s garden, she made sprays for the groomsmen etc, I decided on the darkest pink she had in the garden so it would match with the cntre of the flowers on my jacket. I think I’ll try to grow some when I get back, it’s always called Erica there.

  2. Love the photos of you both. One for the family to be passed down for generations. The name of your clan tartan needs to be added. I am very impressed if you got down to do your shoes or whatever you call them. Were all the guests dressed in traditional?
    The scenery is beautiful.

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