Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We went to Dingwall this morning to pick something up from the prize winning Butcher Shop, the butchers were all classily dressed in long, striped dustcoats, shirts, ties and white Trilbies. I love Dingwall, the houses are interesting and the shopping precinct has a friendly feel about it. After Dingwall we stopped in Beauly for some lunch, we tried the Old School House first because we enjoyed a meal there before but now it appears to be just an interesting Gift Shop. The Coffee Shop across the road was closed for refurbishment so we decided on The Priory Hotel, Alex was the only man in the place, it seemed to be just the perfect place for “ladies of a certain age” to meet for lunch.

Inverness was the next stop, we walked around the old arcade which was a favourite shopping place for us back in the 70s.

Comments on: "Dingwall, Beauly and Inverness" (5)

  1. Ears pierced in 1971, eyes checked in 2017! They’re keeping their customers serviced well! In 71 we didn’t even think of eye checks! The butcher’s shop looks good.I’ve only had haggis at Burnside Library and not award winning like that! Note Alex reversed in, the parking is fine for the driver, not if YOU need to get out lol. The priory isn’t like Jennys at all!

    • By Jennys I mean the place which has been poshed up and you used to be able to sit under the trees, at Blackwood, may have the name wrong. Thanks for the beaut photos, Sue.

      • The place you’re thinking of is Joan’s Pantry and you can still sit under the trees outside but it’s not our favourite eating place anymore.

    • The Old School Cafe was great, it’s a pity the cafe there is gone but they did have an excellent range of quality gifts.

    • I was very happy to see they’d kept the old sign, just added the new name.

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