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Archive for April 8, 2017


Looking out of the front window of Lena and Mark’s house we can see an Oil Rig in the distance. The rig is actually at Invergordon which has been – the site of a Naval Base, an Aluminium smelter, a Whisky Distillery, a fabrication and maintenance centre for Oil Rigs operating in the North Sea and a decommisioning base for Oil Rigs. Now it’s also a popular port of call for Cruise ships.

We decided to check out Invergordon today but first we went to the Dingwall butcher to get some “Potted Hough”. The shop is on a main road but looking at it you’d never think so, when a car is parked beside the road only one direction of traffic can get by. We had lunch at Strathpeffer before heading to Invergordon … U turn required.