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Kessock to Muir of Ord

The big bridge we can see out of Lena and Marks’ front window replaced the Kessock Ferry which took people to “The Black Isle”. Until I discovered the Black Isle isn’t really an island but a promonitory I was totally confused that we could drive from Inverness to Kinkell via the Kessock Bridge or go the long way round and not cross the water. Today we went to see the Lifeboat Station at South Kessock then tried to drive along the coast to a little village called Kilmuir but it was only a private road so we had to turn back. I’m glad we went the little bit up the road because we saw a couple of beautiful white swans but equally glad we didn’t meet any irate locals coming from the other way.

We headed back through North Kessock and along the narrow road that follows the water’s edge towards Muir of Ord. It was a lovely drive.

Between Muir of Ord and Inverness we’d noticed a sign to a forest walk so we went to check it out. Despite the signs asking drivers to be aware of Red Squirrels we didn’t see one.


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  1. I love the idea of South Australia using renewable energy sources whatever kind they can and hope that it becomes a focus for more R&D soon. There are certainly plenty of shaggy animals here and I could have done with one today when we experienced hail, snow and biting wind, luckily none of them lasted for long.

  2. Beautiful views Sue! Even the Shetland ponies are as hairy as Dougal, my Shetland sheep dog! Of course it is cold! Are those huge things like wind turbines to provide electricity? It looks so good to be on holidays.

    • The huge pieces of equipment are assembled into towers for generation of electricity by wind. Plenty of raw material here! Believe it or not there are also quite a few solar panels about. The ponies were tiny, much smaller than any Shetlands I’ve seen before.

      • The wind farms are so much better when there is raw material, unlike the S.A. ones which left us blacked out! Solar panel installation has multiplied here duriing March (power bills came in). Shetland sheepdogs like Dougal and Sheena have very tiny feet to pick their way between the rocks (Sheena jumped off the front parapet wall and broke her foot, had it bandaged by vet and I made her lycra jumpsuits with a soft leather legging and sole so the dressing stayed dry). The foot healed beautifully as she could walk and run on it. Shetland doggies look quite big (all that double coat). When you wash them they look like little drowned rats and tiny!

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