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Archive for April 12, 2017

Reelig Glen

The weather forecast wasn’t brilliant for the afternoon so this morning we went back to the forest walk. It seemed to be almost compulsory to have a dog, or two, or three or four but we weren’t kicked off the walk. I chose theĀ  Tall Tree Walk which took us past the tallest Linden Tree, the tallest Larch and the tallest tree in Britain a Douglas Fir called, Doughald Mhor or Big Dougie. The old ruins were also along this walk.

When we arrived back at our starting point I wasn’t ready to leave the place so we set off on the Upper Reelig Walk. Along the way we passed several newly constructed objects built by a group which meets regularly to work in the area.

We didn’t see any deer or squirrels, in fact, only birds calling indicated there was wildlife about.