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South Kessock

I’ve been curious about an area of land we see directly out of the lounge room window and today we went to check it out. It is called the Merkinch Nature Reserve and there were walks across it. Some small birds were about but I think it’s still too cold for much wildlife to be about. After walking through the Nature Reserve we went back to the edge of the Firth and watched the happenings there. In exposed areas the wind was bitterly cold but walking between Whins ( Gorse) was much nicer and when the sun came out it felt lovely on our backs.

A clock tower has had us intrigued for a while and we stopped today to check that out. It seems between 1652 and 1658 a fort was created by Oliver Cromwell. He demolished various churches and monasteries, including some parts of The Priory in Beauly, to get the necessary materials. He had over 1000 soldiers living in the fort but all the soldiers were sent home and the fort was demolished in 1662 on the orders of Charles II. The clock tower is believed to have been built using remains of the fort.




Comments on: "South Kessock" (2)

  1. I was upset to hear about John Clarke, no one will fill his shoes. Glad you liked the photos.

  2. Magpied are the same the world over! Where are the chips? Those beautiful bird pictures are a credit to you . Last week there was published a lovely bird pic taken by John Clarke *(of Bryan Dawe political satire interviews). He was bushwalking as he loved to do with family taking bird pics. unfortunately he succumbed to a cardiac event, so there’ll be no more John Clarke and Bryan Dawe to satarise our stupid politicians. ABC is doing a best of Fred Dagg and John Clarke on Monday night. He was never nasty, only satire . What he would have made of Cromwell! That is an amazing building left from so long ago. It is lovely to see you having beautiful explorations of Inverness. It is beautiful country. Di

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