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Archive for April 17, 2017

Broomhill via Boat of Garten

On our way to visit family in Aviemore we diverged to see the Steamranger call into the Broomhill Station. For anyone familiar with the TV series, “Monarch of the Glen” this is the station filmed throughout the series as,”Glenbogle”. There were a few “Puff Puff Buffs” waiting there when we arrived but since we had time we walked down to see a manger in a field. One sheep was calling persistently and it was clear that if we had the time to stay around we’d see a lamb born. ( I would anyway)

We heard a loud whistle and very soon the train came under the bridge. It’s always nice to see a lovely old machine working and in great condition. It went through the station and along the track to a passing place where the engine was disconnected then it came back on the second bit of track before being connected to the back carriage. That meant the engine was now in reverse pulling the carriages back through the station to Boat of Garten then on to Aviemore.

We drove to Aviemore and while we were there we went to see our old house then went to see the developments that have taken place at what was Dalfaber Farm in the 1970s.