Some places we've been and some places we're going.


We were very lucky and Alex managed to get us better plane seats but I think we’re just not good travellers so we arrived feeling exhausted. If we come back to Dubai again we won’t allow the airport staff to choose our taxi for us, again we were directed to a VIP “taxi” which is annoying when we’d be perfectly happy in a normal one instead of paying the extra for a flash black car.

This time we’re staying in the Carlton Towers Hotel and we dropped on the bed and slept for about 2 hours as soon as we got into our room.

For lunch we went back to a restaurant which sits over the creek, it was very busy, mostly tourists with just a few locals. A beautiful lady came around trying to convince people to have henna tattoos, she had sheets of designs but no one took her up on it.

Alex felt hounded again going through the souk but there was no other way to get from the water taxi to the restaurant – and back. The vendors were calling out to, “moustache” again and Alex wished he’d shaved before leaving Glasgow, he thought they remembered him but I think they’re just skilled salesmen saying anything to get you to focus on them.

All around us are so many wonderful sights but I decided this time I’d focus on the human faces of Dubai but there is a snag. My camera battery is only lasting for about 10 shots from a “full charge”, I’ll post this now while I have a connection but will try to add some photos later tonight.

OK, here is what I managed to snap today. I like to capture people just being themselves.

Faces of Dubai

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