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Mt Gambier -Day 2


Today we decided to visit Port MacDonnell but first Alex needed a map, he wasn’t going to rely on the GPS. We called into the Tourist Office which has the “ship”, The Lady Nelson on display. It must have been terrifying sailing on that small vessel to Australia across the vast oceans.

Usually when we’re travelling we stop at very few signposted points of interest but this time we’re taking many little diversions. Our first one today was to Mt Schank volcano crater. There was an interesting old cottage near the base, its overgrown garden was home to Blackbirds and hundreds of noisy bees. Someone had tried to make a go of a tearooms there but only a very sad poster on the door remained of it.

Old cottage garden

We decided to take the walk to the top of the crater, several stops to recover our breath were needed before we made it to the top. It would take a 3D camera to do justice to the wonderful views down into the crater and across the plains.

Mt Schank crater

The next sign we saw pointed us towards Dingly Dell, home of Adam Lindsay Gordon. The house wasn’t open but we enjoyed walking around the well kept garden and reading the informative plaques placed about the property. Fairy Wrens were teasing me all the time.

All that physical activity put me in the mood for icecream so I was pleased we found GF ones in Port MaDonnell. From there we continued along the coast thankful we were driving and not in a sailing boat. That particular section of coast is named, “The Shipwreck Coast” and there was a plaque at Cape Northumberland Nature Park listing the names of 28 ships wrecked there and another 5 lost with no wreckage ever found.

Although we intended continuing around the coast to Carpenter’s Rocks we turned back to go to Tantanoola Cave. Again 2D photos don’t do the structures within the cave justice. The cave system was discovered by a young boy out chasing rabbits with his ferret. The ferret disappeared into a crack between rocks and as the boy tried to see where it had gone stones disappeared down the crack and he heard the echo of them landing so knew there was a large hole. Reluctant to lose his ferret the boy went back home for a torch and his brother came back to the spot with him. They wriggled their way through the crack and discovered the cave system below. Within 10 days the system was being visited by enthusiasts, they had to be enthusiasts to crawl down through the rocks to the cave below!

Our last experience for the day was the light show at the Cave Garden which is a sinkhole right in the centre of the city. We watched old movie footage of Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell projected onto a building behind the garden. The second presentation told the Aboriginal story of the sinkhole.


Comments on: "Mt Gambier -Day 2" (3)

  1. Wow, what incredible beauty! And photographed so artistically..

  2. what a lovely trip away you are having. Its true we dont explore our own backyards in the same way we do when we set off on a big trip. I wonder what finds await for today.

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