Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Mt Gambier – Day 4

“Red Sky at night,

Shepherd’s delight”


I’m so glad we weren’t in the camper last night. We had STRONG winds, lightning and thunder, who knows what blowing across the roof as well as beeping from unknown devices switching back on after a power failure! This set the scene perfectly for us to continue our journey up the “Shipwreck Coast” today.

One of the worst Australian maritime disasters was the wreck of the SS Admella in 1859. The ship was sailing from Adelaide to Melbourne when she struck Carpenters Reef and 89 people died. On the second day after the ship struck the reef two sailors managed to get ashore and set off to find help at Cape Northumberland lighthouse near Port MacDonnell, about 20 miles from the wreck. We drove along the coast road following their route but in reverse.

From Mt Gambier we drove back to Port MacDonnell then continued the trail to Cape Douglas. The weather was so wild it was easy to imagine the struggle the sailors endured. From Cape Douglas we went on to Nene Valley, Blackfellows Caves, Carpenter Rocks and the Cape Banks Lighthouse. I don’t know why the lighthouse is wrapped in plastic but that won’t last long in the wind. We certainly appreciated the sanctuary of the car.

Click on an image for more information.

Driving back home along the Riddoch Highway we came upon “Father Woods Tree” and some chainsaw sculptures. Another reminder of what we usually miss when we don’t investigate the “brown signs”. You can find information on Father Woods here.

Now we’re back home for a few weeks.

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