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Quorn – Day 1

We’re on the road again but only for a few days, we’re booked into the Quorn Caravan Park for four nights.

Our drive up was uneventful …. apart from a cable falling out of its socket and being damaged as it bounced along the road but it still fits snugly, and will be fine until we get back home.

We weren’t sure which way to get from home on the south side of Adelaide to the Northern Expessway but despite the ongoing roadworks South Rd was fine. We stopped at Port Wakefield for a mini-break at the Bakery before continuing on towards Port Augusta. Lochiel was another stop on the way before we turned off towards Stirling North. I remember young teachers being stunned to discover just where they’d been posted when they thought they had been allocated to charming Stirling only a short drive out of Adelaide.

Interesting sculpture at Lochiel.

Explanation of an area around a rest stop.

From the Nukunu wayside stop we looked back across the gulf towards Port Augusta.

Looking back towards Port Wakefield.

The Caravan Park at Quorn is lovely with the sites positioned between trees and paintings on the amenities signs adding a nice touch. In contrast Quorn is looking jaded and in need of a big lift. On our walk about the town we did pass one very home-proud man out sweeping up the leaves on the road while his wife tidied their already immaculate garden. Needless to say Alex managed to be inveigled into conversation with the old geezer.

At the end of our walk we stopped for a little refreshment at an interesting eatery. It was in a shed, I think and there was a table with things for sale. There wasn’t any common element to the items, they ranged from books to a mirror, picture frame, jockey wheel handle, hammer, farm gate latch and some “tent pegs” which Barbie could have used if her camper broke down and she was relegated to a tent.

Stunning sunset at the Caravan Park – our camper is just visible.

Dinner was at the Transcontinental Hotel where they offer GF meals. Yeah! Although the delicious meals took ages to arrive there was plenty to keep us amused with big families in for celebrations so plenty of possibilities for people watching. It was almost 9:00 by the time we arrived back at the Caravan Park and now we’re relaxing in the lovely little lounge.

Inviting little lounge at the Caravan Park.