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Quorn: Day 3

Unlike the night before last night was warm and we even had our roof top skylight open. We could see stars but about 6am it started to rain so I quickly shut it.

We’d decided that today would be the one we went back into Port Augusta to see the Power Plant and the Australian Aridland Gardens. A big solar energy plant has been built at Port Augusta and we thought we’d check that our first. “Sungro” turned out to be a fortified cluster of gigantic hothouses where Coles get lots of their stuff. We still don’t know where the Solar Power plant is.

As we drove towards town and the Aridlands Gardens the skies opened. The irony of it wasn’t lost on us as the windscreen wipers were switched to frantic. Luckily the downpour was shortlived. Before we went to the Visitor Centre we went to Matthew Flinders Lookout and it was while we were there I noticed a wicked looking black cloud wave moving in our direction so we went back to the car and drove to the Visitor Centre.

Matthew Flinders Lookout, looking towards The Dutchman’s Stern

Irony Number 2: There are about 6 houses in our street but having driven 310 kms to Port Augusta there at the Visitors Centre were 2 couples from our street!

The gardens were interesting. In amongst the living plants were lots of dead ones and after today’s rain I’m sure there will be an explosion of new growth. Very few plants were flowering but we did see a few mallee species we’d like to have at our place.

After our walk around the gardens we fancied a hot drink but there was still a line up for food and drinks in the café so we drove back to Quorn to the Quandong Café. Although there was nothing to indicate it they did have some GF food and it was delicious.

Our next point of interest was the Lions Club display of old farm machinery. If that doesn’t rotate your chaff cutter don’t bother with the following slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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