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Quorn to Adelaide

We woke to a very cold morning and were grateful for the little heater we have in the camper, there is AC but we’ve found the heater works far more quickly, quietly and effectively. The crazy man went off to the shower wearing shorts on his lower half and I’m sure it was no more than 6 deg. A Wicked Camper came in some time last night and it certainly made me smile unlike many I’ve seen before with very sus graphics and text.

Great to see a paint job like this on a Wicked Camper

I was very happy to discover that Death Rock, which we saw yesterday, is not so-called because of a grisly murder. A fellow camper had a leaflet telling the story. An old Aboriginal man knew he was dying and wanted to spend his last days at the beautiful waterhole. His community came with him to the special place, made him comfortable at the rock and stayed with him until he died. For me, that act of love adds another  dimension to Kanyaka Waterhole.

The canvas on our annexe was quite damp with dew so we took our time packing up hoping it would dry out in sun but it didn’t quite happen so we’ll need to open it out again at home.

We decided to drive back home along smaller backroads and we stopped at a couple of places we’ve always driven straight through before.


If you want to see a bigger image click on it.



We’re ready to set off on a longer trip now …… when the brake controller is definitely working properly.


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  1. Cindy Childs said:

    It looked like a good trip! 😁

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