Some places we've been and some places we're going.


At last we’re on the road! Who would have thought that having LED lights on the camper would cause a problem with brakes? Thanks to an auto electrician with a device like a stethoscope our brake controller is now behaving. I know why Grey Nomads go away for half the year, it takes the other half to get organised.

On our way to Orroroo we saw an amazing number of Emus, in one paddock I counted over 60. There was also evidence of the number of kangaroos and wallabies about unfortunately most of those we saw were dead.

We have a UHF radio fitted in the car and Alex thought the taller aerial would be the best bet for this trip so yesterday he fitted it. Today we discovered the ramifications. Imagine the rhythm of the word irr-i-ta-ting then combine that with a metal knitting needle hitting a tin can, that will give you an idea of the percussion we heard almost all day. Tomorrow Alex is going to put the shorter aerial back on so it can’t hit the annexe casing.

Entrance to the town – Alex is smitten by a town that only needs 2 letters to form its name.

We followed the sign to “The Big Gum Tree” which was immense then drove up to Tank Hill to see the wonderful views encircling Orroroo, we were there to see the sunset.

After that we checked out the town main street and asked at the pub if they had any GF meals. The publican’s wife does the cooking and told us she’d put clean oil in the fryer that day and wouldn’t cook anything in it before she cooked for us. Their willingness to cater for me was amazing, she even came out to ask which steak I’d ordered and she then cooked it in a separate pan. It was a great country pub all round. I’m glad we have a powered site here at the Caravan Park because it’s chilly.

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  1. Great to see you are fixed up and grey-nomading! Nan lived in ORO in 1962 when I was at the hostel. Went to a meeting above the Judells Fashions shop in Rundle St when you could park in Apollo Place behind the shop, how things have changed. The owners lived in Victoria Avenue, Unley Park which ties in with the details you posted. Of course this bit should be in bold blue print, lol. Happy travels, much frivolity and great weather for you.

  2. Cindy Childs said:

    Glad you are on your way. Orroroo sounds great, particularly the Publican’s wife who was so willing to cook especially for youl Hope Alec has fitted that shorter aerial. Thank goodness for powered sites! Keep warm.

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