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Archive for May 21, 2018


We were reminded to leave a little bit of the skylight open after condensation formed on it overnight. We were snug and warm but I’m not sure about the Galahs in the tree above us.

These sculptures are near the Caravan Park. I love the detail in the tails and the feathering on the feet.

We had breakfast packed up slowly then went to the IGA to get some of those things we’d forgotten but were on the way to Hawker by 11:00. We noticed a brown sign indicating the site of a train wreck so we went to investigate that.

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The next stop was also train related this time it was the old Eurelia townsite.

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I think this was possibly our earliest ever arrival at our site for the night. We thought we’d have another nice meal at the Sightseers Cafe but it was closed so we had a look through the Artist’s Gallery instead before coming back to camp for lunch.

A Hawker local.


After lunch we set out to see some gorges. On our way to Bunyeroo Gorge we made a few stops.

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The gorges must be a geologist’s paradise. There are signs throughout the gorges giving information about the different types of rock and probable ages. Eventually the Bunyeroo Gorge track meets the Brachina Gorge track and we joined that heading west.

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By then it was about 4:30 so we headed back to Hawker keeping a good lookout for wayward wallabies, kangaroos and emus.

Iconic Flinders view

We arrived back at our campsite to see a Tvan parked beside us with a man playing, “The Sounds of Silence” beautifully on his saxophone. Wonderful!

Our welcome back to camp