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Marree – Tuesday

Day 3 – Marree

Doing any kind of home maintenance work always means at least three visits to the hardware shop, going camping seems to mean making daily excursions to a General Store for things you either left at home by mistake or didn’t know you needed until they became essential. Before leaving Hawker we made another visit to the Service Station/Camping Store/Information Centre. We didn’t find any grease but we did find silicone spray.

Initially we travelled the same bit of road as yesterday but after the Brachina Gorge turnoff it was all new. The creek crossings would be terrifying after a big downpour but they don’t happen often as the scattered homestead ruins testify. We didn’t make any stops until Lyndhurst where we bought lunch at the roadhouse before setting off on the Oodnadatta Track. Only a short distance out of town are the stunning Ochre Pits.


Our next stop was Farina, a place we’ve visited a few times before and each time we see more changes. Volunteers have been working for years making buildings safe, constructing tracks, information boards, road signs and railway related structures. Work will continue for many years, I’m sure. It was once a thriving town with enough thirsty people to sustain six hotels.

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The road was in good condition, there are even a couple of sections of bitumen one 5 km section brought us into Marree.

Mundowdna Man

We investigated the town before going to the pub for dinner, soon we’ll be on to our dehydrated supplies!

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When we were at Farina one of the volunteers proudly pointed out the new mobile phone repeater and we were able to use our mobiles there. Here at Marree, an actual town with several businesses, there is only ever sporadic coverage. Alex had to work out how to use a public phone box to make a call…. by torchlight!

No Telstra so no phone, no internet, no blog update..

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  1. Cindy Childs said:

    Would love to have been a fly on the wall watching Alec make a call from the phone box by torchlight!

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