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Marree – Wednesday

Marree -Wednesday

A neighbour told us last night about his day’s excursion to Muloorina and Lake Eyre north and we thought it sounded like a good place to visit. The turn off was just a short distance up the Oodnadatta Track then about 60 kms to the Muloorina Campground and waterhole. Running parallel to the station track for quite a way was the old telegraph line, looking at the “posts” makes you appreciate the effort that went into creating the line. It also made me think about the difference in communication now with no need for connecting wires when signals are bounced off satellites and communication towers. It doesn’t always work for everyone since we have no service at the moment.


The Muloorina Campground looked the perfect place to set up camp for a week and just relax. There were so many places available that you could be completely private. The Frome River feeds water to a wetlands home to a variety of birds.

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After leaving the Waterhole we drove 45 kms to Lake Eyre north. I naively expected to see water and birds since water is coming down the Cooper Creek after good rains in Queensland but we were too early and there was no water for us to see. I can appreciate Eyre’s disappointment on his arrival especially since we drove in on tracks using a comfortable vehicle unlike him.

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When we came back to Marree we went looking for a couple of geocaches hidden in the town. I tried to find one of them yesterday but too many people were around and I had no luck. Today I found them both.

At 4:30 Cookie made our dinner, I’m going to make sure he takes his sunglasses off from now on so he doesn’t think it’s hours later than it really is! After dinner we walked out along the old Ghan Railway embankment, it’s littered with old rail spikes, broken insulators, shoe plates and fish plates. That’s what “The Fount of All Wisdom” says they are and he sounded convincing.

The Fount of All Knowledge walking along the old Ghan embankment


PS Discovered a spot in the Caravan Park where we could access their WiFi. 🙂

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