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Bedouri – Sunday

It was a busy morning with people packing up ready to drive on to their new destinations though some were packing up before heading out to Big Red. The disadvantage of roof top tents etc is that you need to pack them up before you can drive anywhere. It was an interesting collection of campers at Birdsville.

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After packing up we drove out as far as a group of Waddi Trees, one of only three stands left in Australia. Although the trees are only small most you see are 500 – 1000 years old. We found a seed pod with a single seed in it and hope it eventually grows in the tough environment.

Waddi Trees

The next stop was Carcoory Ruins a property Sidney Kidman bought in 1899 but later abandoned after he lost too much stock to drought.

Rock from around Carcoory Ruins

At Cuttaburra Crossing lots of different birds were enjoying the shallows near the small bridge but not many were visible near the rest area. Further down the road where water  was lying we were lucky to see Brolgas.

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It’s been a bit frustrating looking for places described in the tourist brochure but not signposted.

Are we there yet?

The Sturt Stony Desert is quite awe inspiring, how anyone managed to travel across it without modern resources is beyond me.

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We called into the Bedouri Information Centre to find out about the Caravan Park and I’m glad we did because we were able to get a key to the local pool and artesian spa pool ($50 cash deposit). The pool was fantastic, the spa pool a bit scary at first, the water is hot, 40 deg. There are warning signs to make you aware of the danger of staying in too long etc but I wasn’t tempted to stay in too long. We went in and out of both pools and I was reluctant to leave. There was only one other family there so only five of us in the big swimming pool. I think we might go back in the morning before we hand the key back.