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Mt Isa – Tuesday

There were a few Miner birds hanging about this morning when we started making breakfast, I don’t know if they’re the pest variety but they seemed smaller than the ones we see around Adelaide.

“Don’t think much of this GF stuff do you?”

As we drove out of the caravan park we noticed another Burke & Wills information board. Although he’s touted as a great man I can’t help but feel there would have been a much happier outcome if he hadn’t been the leader of the ill fated expedition.

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Since we arrived Alex and I have been discussing what Boulia was like the last time we were here and recalling the display of the MinMin Lights. I remembered a little cottage with the figure of an old man sitting out the front in a chair. He had no recollection of the man at all and I’m sure he thought I was deluded about it but this morning he went into the new MinMin Centre and there was the old man! The new centre has great displays, so much more impressive than before.

The old man at the MinMin Centre

We travelled through interesting changes of vegetation and now that there are more grasses there are once again dead kangaroos and emus though not very many. Today a few times we saw eagles feeding on the roadkill.

Eagles taking off

155 kms out of Boulia we came to the little town of Dajarra, it used to be a railhead for the cattle industry. Some drovers brought cattle from WA to put them on the train at Dajarra but now cattle go direct from stations to market on multi-trailer road trains. We stopped for a drink and walked about the town, I’m so happy we did. The way-out little shop which had Post Office and Commonwealth Bank signs on it was a treasure. We didn’t go inside so I don’t really know if it was an agency at all.

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As we approached a line of trees marking a water course there was a stream of Corellas, thousands of them stretching as far as we could see in both directions. When some considered us too close the line broke, they wheeled around in a circle before rejoining the stream.

Corellas flying somewhere important

So many times I wanted to capture images flashing past but there is a limit and I had to be content with a few.

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It was a relief to be on bitumen for the drive today because we’ve had issues with the camper sway controller. It’s annoying because it was an after market feature we added for extra safety but the way it was behaving was anything but safe. We had to stay under 80 kph and even doing that we had a number of jerks. Travelling on the dirt roads had become very stressful. The first place we went in Mt Isa was RJM Auto Electrics and when we explained the issue the owner told us to drive the camper in and they’d look at it. Over an hour later were all smiling …. fingers crossed behind our backs though…… loose connections had been found and securely fixed. After tomorrow we intend going on some dirt roads to Lawn Hill and if there are any issues we’ll go back to the same people, we are very happy with the way they work. They have the solution if the problem reappears.

Tomorrow is buy a new camera day.

Comments on: "Mt Isa – Tuesday" (6)

  1. The bird is different from our miners so I looked it up. It looks like the yellow throated miner. lives in grassy mallee country. wide spread all over inland australia just not on the coast. fingers crossed the repairs last the dirt road.

    • I’m never sure which ones are Indian Mynahs and which ones Miners but the ones we see in Adelaide have the yellow around the eyes. We’ll know tomorrow about the repair, we’ll both be nervous for a while, I’m sure, half expecting the jerking to start.

  2. You have wonderful adventures! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I love your life.

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