Some places we've been and some places we're going.

During the night we started to think packing the quilt away had been a bit optimistic but we survived without having to get up and find something warmer than the cotton sheet and one blanket …. I had two! We made an early trip to the showers and on the way back glimpsed the neighbour’s “washing line”. Sensible campers made equipment dual purpose.

These lacy flimsies belong to a “lady of a certian age”!

Our trip today was a long one, including about 200 kms on dirt roads. It was hard going and we were glad to reach this wonderful camping ground.

We’re camped in a lovely area where everyone can pick their own camp site. We’re surrounded by big trees and just a short distance away is the river with a pontoon and car tubes for water fun. Tomorrow we’ll decide whether to hire a canoe or take a leisurely boat ride. I think I know how I’ll cast my vote!

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Comments on: "Adel’s Grove – Thursday" (5)

  1. I love travelling with you! Wow for the panties!😉

  2. Richard Newland Deland said:

    Your are doing great job i suppose directors and cameraman fees just gone up Love Biggest brother

    • I’m an unpaid worker……. actually no, I get paid in meals! HE thinks he’s “Best Boy” & tries to tell me which shot to take!

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