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Adel’s Grove – Saturday

I’m beginning to consider putting the quilt back on the bed after a cold night, I even had to get my jacket out of the car before I could start my day. Overnight we learnt what a Barking Owl sounds like, it really does go, “Woof-woof”, haven’t seen any though.

At about 8:30 we left for our 9:30 boat trip up the gorge.

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The boat is battery powered with solar panels generating the electricity so there was no noise to detract from the beauty of the gorge. The guide was informative without being intrusive which was a relief.

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After the boat trip we walked UP to the Duwadarri Lookout then went to the Indarra Falls Lookout, some of the track certainly tested Alex’s knees on the downslopes. The Duwadarri Walk is classed as difficult and the Indarri Falls one moderate so that’s definitely our exercise for the day. The views down to the middle gorge were worth the walk.

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Back at camp Alex worked on the sway controller while I pretended I was Atlas holding up the bed. Tomorrow we find out how the adaptation works when we make our way back to Mt Isa.

Alex was able to have his fire tonight, started when it was still light and definitely not cold but it’s all about the atmosphere… and of course the man thing.

A man and his fire. 🙂