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Mt Isa – Monday

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Our first job today was to get the camper to the Auto-electrician. It was good news, Alex was given a 10/10 for his Bush Mechanic’s skills. The plug which has fallen out a few times has been replaced and that should be the end of the problems.

We went shopping for more things we’ve decided we need:

Storage bags which you shrink with a vacuum, that should make the quilt etc easier to store. If we don’t find a helpful Caravan Park proprietor I’m sure we’ll come across a car wash with a vacuum facility.

Replacement steps for the ones we broke

A better hose fitting so we can get water into the tank without it spouting back out as fast as we put it in.

Window cleaner – dust and sunlight are a bad combination. The microfibre cloth we bought is brilliant!

Back to the ranch for breakfast then off to see the Underground Hospital.

After Darwin Hospital was bombed in 1942 Mt Isa Mines realised they were vulnerable and over 15 weeks volunteer miners dug out a small hospital, luckily it was never needed. In 1997 it was about to be destroyed when a group decided it should be restored instead. It’s a scary record of the equipment and facilities available at the time.

Not far from the Underground Hospital is the last remaining Tent House. Tent houses were a type of 1930s housing development which attempted to provide accommodation for places undergoing rapid growth, like Mt Isa. Being made of canvas they deteriorated within a relatively short time so it’s great that this one is still intact.

Although the Information Centre is very well set up with lovely displays it’s been frustrating trying to find attractions described in brochures but without directions to them. We were given a lovely clear map with coordinates on it but nowhere in the descriptions did it give them. I wanted to see The Tharrapatha Way so we went back to the Info Centre and got directions. The walk wasn’t what I expected but we did see some beautiful Cloncurry Parrots. We were told there were great views from a Lookout but we couldn’t find the way.

Time for food shopping and clothes washing after that. Mundane eh?

Poppet Head, in the middle of town.

It’s 7:50pm and I just heard the fracture blast from the mine, they set off the blast every morning and every night at the same time. Apparently sometimes you just hear it, other times you also feel the vibrations!

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