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Kakadu – Tuesday

Cane Toad outside our Camper at Nitmiluk, last night.

There isn’t much to show for today. It was a long weekend and many people came to Nitmiluk to get away from Darwin for the break. That meant lots of us were heading back to Katherine this morning. We stocked up our food supplies and as we were leaving Woolies a large, African man greeted us, we responded then Alex asked if he knew where Supercheap Auto was. He not only knew but took us there. Picture this, a very large, very dark skinned man in fluoro vest and security uniform escorting us out of the shopping centre. We kept smiling and chatting as we went hoping that none of the Grey Nomads milling around would be talking about us at the next campsite. Along the way to Supercheap we discovered he’d lived in Launceston, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and was now moonlighting as a Security Guard in Katherine but his “day job” was actually an Evangelist Preacher. We left him smiling, not disillusioned.

From Katherine to Pine Creek the road was very busy compounded by roadworks, caravans and very large semis transporting V8 Supercars to Darwin for racing next weekend.

One of several!

We drove to Pine Creek and stopped for lunch at Mayse’s Cafe. Unfortunately nothing for me but The Old Geezer is still raving about the fabulous home-made Sausage Roll he enjoyed.

Mayse’s Cafe

When we turned off towards Kakadu we were on a quiet road again.

Regrowth after targeted burning.

I drove in so I was the one to park us in our allotted spot. I went around the roads, reversed, went around again, through the camp kitchen area then out between big white rocks, then wove my way between trees while Alex waited for me to hit a standpipe. A few more reverses and forwards and finally the car and camper were in the right place. After that we put up the annexe!!!

A lovely swim cooled us down.