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Kakadu – Wednesday

The best way to cart your boat.

Ubirr was our destination today to see some Rock Art. First we drove about 55kms from our base at Cooinda to Jabiru. We were surprised to find a Foodand shop there, after all the TV jingle says, “Foodland ,the mighty South Aussie store”. It was a great shop, you could buy a washing machine, all kinds of Auto and Camping goods as well as heaps of different souvenirs made by Aboriginal artists. Of course there was an excellent range of foods including GF and Asian.


Leaving Jabiru we drove on to Ubirr which is about 40 kms further north-east. It was well worth the drive, the rock formations were amazing and the Rock Art was probably the best we’ve ever seen.


Vegetation and Rock Formations

On the way back “home” we stopped at ‘The Border Store”, it’s on the border of Kakadu and Arnhem Land. Unfortunately the store was closed, we don’t know why nor when it will open.

You need a permit to enter Arnhem Land, you also need to cross the East Alligator River. No alligators of course, that was explorer King’s mistake. The river is tidal so it’s only possible to cross at certain times.

We were hot as soon as we got out of the car but we managed to have some lunch before going to cool down in the swimming pool. Cookie has now handed me my Beef Bourguignon…… we’re retreating to the Camper to eat it in peace.

Comments on: "Kakadu – Wednesday" (6)

  1. Fantastic rock art! I really enjoy touring along.

  2. the coucal is quite an interesting bird. it is mostly a ground bird and often runs along the fence or ground. apparently it pairs for life and the male hatches the eggs with the female who is bigger helping. they build their nests on the ground in rushes or sugar cane in marshy areas and particularly like weedy areas with lantanna. they are very nervous birds. I love watching them. Once I watched one have a bird bath… It was quite a sight as it totally filled the bird bath. It spent about 30 mins checking that it was safe before it hopped in hiding under a lomandra near by. they run quite fast.. and are quite impressive when they fly up into trees…especially if you are near them.

  3. Richard Newland Deland said:

    no bird picture today except possibly rock art ones Love Dick

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