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Archive for June 18, 2018

Litchfield – Sunday

Today we started on the Litchfield Loop and our first stop was at the Magnetic Termite Mounds. Unlike other ones these are slim and oriented north/south to keep the nests at a reasonable temperature. I don’t know how the ones with the bulbous mounds maintain temperature, maybe they move from “room to room”. Some termites nest underground but in this region they would drown during wet seasons.

When we were at the Termite Mounds buses of different sizes started arriving. Some of the buses only hold about 10 people and they are usually catering for those willing to camp. The big buses hold about 40 people and those people generally stay in cabins or units. When one of the big buses arrives the sites quickly become crowded and we move on.

Our next stop was the Florence Creek. We took the creek walk to Buley Rockhole all along the way there are pools where you can swim. At the highest point on the walk there are big rock pools which were already busy with people who had driven straight there.

We walked back along the creek path then went along another path to the Florence Falls Lookout. People were swimming at the base of the falls but we didn’t fancy the 135 steps to get down there or worse still having to walk back up them!

Florence Falls

We drove into Batchelor and at a little cafe Alex enjoyed a coffee and chat with the “volunteer” barista ie the wife of the owner, while I accessed the net.

Outback humour

On the way back to camp we went into what we think was the site of the Rum Jungle mine, it’s now a nice billabong. Rainbow Bee-eaters tormented me, skimming across the surface and back up into trees. They looked beautiful with the sun shining through the colours of their wings.

Flycatcher maybe – Rum Jungle Mine site

This car is outside the Banyan Tree campground just before Litchfield Tourist Park is The Banyan Tree Campground.

Back at camp it was time for a refreshing drink followed by a long swim in the pool.

Campground drgonfly