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Litchfield – Monday

Last night when we were walking about we saw several Cane Toads and it makes me wonder if they’re the reason for us not seeing any small lizards or even bugs. There are plenty of dragonflies and butterflies but I’ve only seen one other little Shieldbug around here.

Cane Toad in the shower block

This morning we drove back into the National Park as far as Wangi Falls, they are tremendous and the lush Monsoon Forest was good to see. We heard bats arguing in some treetops. Alex fancied a nice big breakfast at the cafe but their power had been cut off somehow so the place wasn’t operating until that was restored.

Several roads are still closed so places like The Lost City, Surprise Creek Falls and Blyth Homestead aren’t accessible. Tolmer Falls were open though and we enjoyed the river walk. You don’t get close to the river because the area is undergoing rehabilitation but there are excellent viewing places.

After Tolmer Falls we were ready for a swim and cool down so we continued on to the Florence Creek where we were lucky enough to get the first rock pool to ourselves. The water is crystal clear so you could see leaves on the bottom and also the shapes and sizes of the rocks. It appeared to be an infinity pool with the water disappearing over a rocky ledge.

Rock Pool, Florence Creek

When we left the Florence Creek we headed into Batchelor for some lunch at the Rum Jungle Tavern. There were some interesting characters in the bar, I think the town must be a comfortable place for people who don’t fit in the mainstream. Bernie Havlik was a Czechoslovakian who left his mark at Batchelor. At first he worked underground at the Rum Jungle Uranium Mine then in the treatment plant when it changed to open cut mining until it closed in 1971. After that he worked as a town gardener and was frustrated by the rock pile in the garden so when he retired he started work on his castle. It took him 5 years to create and he was still adding finishing touches to it until he died in 1990.

Bernie Havlik’s castle

We came back to camp for a cup of tea but first we had to deal with the frog in the kettle!

Froggie in the kettle lid – it got into the kettle via the spout

Comments on: "Litchfield – Monday" (6)

  1. So interesting! Beautiful waterfalls and that rock pool looks so nice and cool. Frog in the kettle…Luckily you spotted it, otherwise the poor creature would have cooked to death!

    • We did think the frog might have found its way back out the spout as the water warmed but I’m very glad we saw it first. The rockpool was gorgeous and we saw another lovely swimming place today but didn’t take the time to try it out.

  2. Richard Newland Deland said:

    You are in the right place still cold and wet here Adelaide Down below zero i think in renmark last night

    • Alex says it was cold last night … he needed a Tshirt on in bed! I was hot again today, it’s been in the 30s every day.

  3. cane toads mostly eat insects termites, dog food, and carion.. they eat baby cane toads and sometimes eat small snakes and lizards..but most creatures are killed when they try to eat the cane toad.. so until they learn that the cane toad is poisonous then they die. but most adapt. they do compete for food that lizards and frogs and birds would be eating. animals seem to quickly adapt to having them around…and seem to learn what bits they can eat. I hate mosquito fish more than cane toads.

    • At the moment the things I hate most are midges, i have BIG, red, itchy swellings on my feet, knees and other places. I’ve tried antihistamines but that didn’t help, have another cream to try tonight.

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