Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Katherine – Wednesday

It can’t be ignored, we’ve turned around and we’re heading back south, heading home.

New growth sprouting after a burn

We’re travelling for the first part down the Stuart Highway and although there were some vans going the same way most seemed to be heading towards Darwin. We stopped at Pine Creek where there was a railway display and a Miners’ Park with plenty of interesting old machinery.

Continuing on, our next stop was once again within the Nitmiluk National Park but this time through a more northerly entrance. We’d been told the Edith Falls were not to be missed and although the falls were nowhere near as impressive as Wangi Falls the setting was glorious. In the wet season there would also be water cascading over many different places. When we drove through the campground we saw a Pioneer, Mitchell set up, we’ve seen one on the road, that’s all. Maybe it was the same one, there aren’t many of us about.

Our camp tonight is at the Knott’s Crossing Resort and it’s a lovely, lush tropical style place. We’ll also be here tomorrow night.

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  1. Wow, those bats are huge! Looks like a lovely place where you overnight.

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